School Orchestra in PyongYang

School Orchestra in PyongYang


North Korea is a country living out of the time and the world. The regime is stricly controlling its borders and north koreans learnt to live under a constant pressure. Intertional reports and survivors help however to understand in how insane and criminal the regime became. You could refer to the now well-known story of  Shin Dong-Huyk who escaped from a north korean concentration camp in 2005 and who decided to share to the world  his terrible experience with the help of an occidental journalist.

However, if you decide to travel in North Korea (which is safe and relatively cheap actually), you will be able to visit the well organized and clea city of PyonYang. This city is basically the symbol of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and everything there will appear clean, organized and mainly functionnal. The contrast can be actually heavy with the countryside where people and living conditions are different. In fact, citizens of PyongYang are mainly chosen, as the most reliable and loyal to the regime.

In this way, PyongYang can appear as a great theater with countless actors and huge outdated buidlings as a decor. This is the theater that tourists, journalists and international representants are used to visit.

This school orchestra is quite representative of PyongYang. Healthy students in cleaned uniforms playing music in a street for the anniversary of the creation of the DPRK in a sunny weather. It’s hard to know however how is actually their daily life.


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