A prayer in the Lama Temple

A pray in the Lama Temple


Buddhism has a wide influence in asian countries, from Thailand to Japan and from Korea to the Tibet, people learnt the same principles in different ways and created their own approach. As a foreigner, it can be really interesting to see t the different way of practising from one country to another. In Thailand, it was used and is still used today for young men to spend several months as monk before starting to work and founding a family. In Korea, monks have been seen for a long time as one of the highest social position in the society, and even kings spent their end of life as monk. In Japan, having several religions in a same family and several temples in a same house is common, and japaneses can pray in church and temples in a same day.

As I was visited for the first time Beijing and the Lama temple, I was a bit surprised to see young and old chinese coming shortly in the temple, taking incense in two hands, and burning them slowly in front of their face while praying. This shows that young generation seems still to be attached to their traditions and their beliefs, even in a country that faced heavy changes in few decades.

Incense must be constanlty holding to the sky in order to pay respect to Buddha and to share the prayer. 3 bows must be done the 4 directions, and the incense must then be thrown in the fire.



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