Pont des Arts bridge

Pont des arts bridge

The pont des arts (arts bridge) is a pedestrian dedicated bridge between the Louvre Museum and the Académie Francaise. It was originally built by Napoleon Ist, as the first metallic bridge of Paris. Because of the wonderful view you can have there on the Ile de la Cité (the island where Notre Dame cathedral stands) and because walkers usually use this bridge to cross the Seine when walking along the river, it quickly became one of the favorit places for young and old lovers,  from Paris or abroad.

Today, the bridge is full of love locks, on both side, recovering completly the fences. Lovers come on the bridge to place a locker over the Seine before throwing the key in the river. This is something done all over the world today, but in Paris, a city considered as the capital of the romantism, these locks arecountless and are now placed on most of the bridges of Paris.

The picture I took that day shows a young couple, facing each other in the middle of the bridge, while some tourists seem to be curious about the locks on the fences. Yet, the bridge is still used by both walkers and parisians in their daily life. The pont des Arts is certainly the bridge offering the best atmosphere and view in Paris.



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