Geikos, geishas de Kyoto

Geikos, geishas de Kyoto

Kyoto is considered as the heart of the history of Japan. You could spend weeks and years in this city, and yet still be surprised by hidden temples and places around the ancient capital. Proud of their culture, japanese are very attached to their traditions.

In a country where technology and modern infrastructures have been well developed in the last decades, it can be surprised to see still remaining entire traditional districts in major cities. That’s probably one of the reason why Japan can be fascinating: keeping modernity and traditions in harmony.

If the age of samourais is defenetly over, you can still suddently meet a geisha walking in her traditional dress and makeup in the street, like a ghost coming from the past.

Today, geishas can be seen in Tokyo, but the easiest way would be to go to Kyoto. In fact, geikos (geishas from Kyoto) can be easily see with their trainee (maikos) walking together in Gion district. They usually use the Hanamikoji Dori street, which leads to small historical streets, and also the “school” of Kyoto geikos.

I was quite lucky to take the above picture, even if my camera had a poor image quality. I had to do it discretly as geikos can be disturbed by pictures and tourists. Few seconds after I took the picture, they both disapeared in a restaurant.


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