Korean Jangseung

JangseungKorea has today the third economy in Asia, resulting from an incredible development since the end of the war in 1953. At that time, Korean was ravaged by a costly war and its GDP was at the same level as the average GDP of african countries.

Yet, the country succeed to overcome several challenges by working hardly and slowly specialising in specific fields, starting as suppliers from foreign companies before innovating and creating its own brands.

This quick development had a cost, and it can be easy to see that korean traditions and patrimoine have sometimes been sacrified. Walking in the countryside of Korea, or even in the mountains of Seoul, you will probably meet some forgotten wooden sculptures in some places, which still remind the old traditionnal korea.

These wooden sculptures are all different, and represent strange faces. They are called “Jangseung” and were used to delimitate the borders of a village and to keep bad spirits away. I m really curious about them everytime I have the chance to see some. They seem to be out of the time and laughing to what they witness.



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