The widow in Pere lachaise cemetery

DSC00656It can be strange to say, but one of most favorite places of parisians is a cemetery. And indeed, Pere Lachaise cemetary is truely bewitching…

The cemetery is composed of hundreds of paved roads spreading over small hills and guarded by old trees. Thousands of tombs, from different centuries and in different style, are silently standing there. Some of them are belonging to famous soldiers or celebrities. It’s really easy to get lost, as the cemetary’s architecture can be sometimes very well organiwed, sometimes really messy. After fez minutes of walk, you will probably meet Balzac, Chopin, Delacroix, Edith Piaf, Moliere or Napoleon’s marshalls before facing insolite tombs.

Pere Lachaise cemetery is famous for its unique atmosphere. Some tombs are forgotten and in ruins, literally eaten by vegetals, while other are well maintained and are protected by giant angels. Visitors contribute also to give to the cemetery its own personality. The cemetery was the refuge of the homeless and a meeting point for gangsters in old times. After the war of 1870, parisians rioted and part of them fought in the cemetery before being slaughtered. Today, the dark and mysterious atmosphere attracts young gothic while other come secretly at night for strange cermonies.

The picture above can give a good idea of the sad and yet peaceful feeling that you can get while walking in Pere Lachaise cemetery.



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