Alexandre III bridge, Paris

Alexandre III bridge, Paris

The Alexandre III bridge, built at the end of the XIXe century between the Invalides with its golden dome, and the Grand Palais with its amazing canopy, is probably the most beautiful bridge of Paris. The bridge is wide enough for cars and pedestrians, who can enjoy a beautiful view over the Seine.

The Alexandre III bridge has been named as a symbol of friendship between France and Russia. At that time, the bridge was officially inaugurated by tsar Nicolas II, who will be later assinated with his family during the russian revolution in 1917.

The bridge is easy to recognise with its massive and amazing streetlights. Several bronzes have been placed in each side of the bridge. Each one of them is different and unique and each of them have been prepared by a different famous french sculptor. Some of them have also gildings, which give a beautiful contrast with the dark color of the allegories.


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