Back from Chorakuji temple in Kyoto

Back from a temple in Kyoto

Kyoto is wonderful. It is without a doubt one of the most interesting and attracting place I never went. It’s used to say that Japan learnt how to conciliate heritage and modernity and it is true. But Kyoto is a city where the time seems changing at every street corner.

Temples are still in their original locations, and nothing really changed for centuries. Yet, trees, old walls, wooden houses or rivers always form a buffer zone around them, like if japaneses wanted to protect them from the present. I guess this respect to the past can be sometimes constraining for the economic development of the city, but this is really something that should be maintained, considering that only a few places in the world succeed to protect their heritage as Kyoto did.

This is also quite ironical to think that everything is considered as “temporary” in japanese culture, but yet, they seem to attach a high importance to preserve their heritage.


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