La Porte de l’Enfer

DSC00972Rodin is surely the most famous french sculptor and a whole museum is dedicated to him in downtown Paris, nearby the Invalides and the Alxandre III bridge. His sculptures are really amazing, and made him famous even during his living time (which was not that easy for artists at that time).

His most impressive and amazing work is probably the Porte de l’enfer (Gates of Hell): a massive 6 meters high double door, composed by several angels, demons, damned and creatures. The door was inspired by the gates of paradise in Firenze, Italy. It can be considered as the opposit reflect of this golden peaceful gate. In fact, the whole dark scultpure is a powerful storm in which the spectator seems aspirated.

Looking at this amazing work that Rodin did, I had the feeling to face more a painting than a sculpture. The picture showing a detail of the Porte de l’Enfer can give a good idea of this feeling.



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