The endless great wall

The endless great wall


Walking on the Great Walk of China is without a doubt one of the best experience you will get in China. But you could be disapointed by some areas, especially in the most famous sections of the wall, where it can be hard to enjoy the landscape and the authenticity of the wall (most agencies would bring you to renovated sections of the wall).

However, the great wall of China is composed of hundreds of sections that can be visited in early morning or late evenings. In such areas, the wall didn’t change for centuries.

In the morning, the fog can cover some parts of the fortress, and hiking on the wall at that moment will give you the feeling to walk on an endless path. Step by step, you will discover towers, hidden doors and mountains.

Because of its size, its history, its majesty and its secrets, the Great Wall of China is fascinating, and visiting its lost sections can really looking like a real adventure.


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