Urban exploration in Gonjiam


It was my first real urban exploration, and as usually for this kind of experiences, I had to know a friend that already visited the place.

The Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in Korea is closed since the end of the years 1990s and is getting more and more famous as it is often presented as one of the scariest places in the world. The visit of this hospital lost in the korean countryside was actually not really scary, especially because  we made the visit in a small group.

The Gonjiam psychistric hospital closed due to economic and regulations compliance reasons. The site is composed of one main building and an annex, both located at the end of a tight road and isolated by a small forest. Today, the hosptial is totally devasted and deserted, but still protected by fences.

The main buidling is divided in several levels, mainly composed by a single corridors and rooms filled with several beds and mattress. Sometimes, the hospital can look like a real prison, as the patients of the hospital were constantly cut from the world.

Even if the site is today mainly damaged by the time and visitors, some specific findings will remind the life in the hospital: old X-rays, drawins on walls, calendars, newspapers,… Exploring such environment with a friendly group was really an interesting experience.


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