Hannam bridge, Seoul


South Korea get one of the fastest economic development in the last 50 years in the world. Today, Seoul appears as a modern and ambitious city and now famous all around the world. Yet, the organization of the city can give some clues on how the city supported this growth.

Several main roads composed of 4 or more ways, cut Seoul in several directions. These express ways have been for a long time a symbol of modernity and fast development of Korea. They are mainly inspired by the occidental express ways, but were built brutally around the city.

For such ambitious project, the city decided to sacrify thousands of various buildings. Moreover, these important express ways mainly influenced the locations of the new districts and the development of the neighborhood.

The Seoul express ways were mainly built in the years 1970s and the structure and the materials used at that time were not really as performant as it could have been today. The fact is that these roads are now more obstacles and scars for Seoul than efficient express ways. The city is now considering several projects to replace what was considered as a symbol of modernity and which became today an uncomfortable heritage.


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