The girl and the Yellow ribbons



The Sewol was a south korean ship that suddently sunk in middle of Apri 2014. More than 300 passengers died in this accident due to human mistakes that are even today considered as unacceptable. This tragedy became a real national traumatism as most of the victims were young students who took part of a school trip which was supposed to bring them to the beautiful Island of Jeju.

Shortly after the tragedy, millions of yellow ribbons were tied all around the countries, from the southern city of Busan, to the capital Seoul and the college in Ansan, where the students were coming from. A very large part of south koreans felt highly ashamed and frustrated of the circumstances of the incident. More than that, and despite all their hopes, rescues teams never managed to find any survivor  stucked in the ship after the sinking.

We can say that the whole country was emotionally shocked and broken for a month. The yellow ribbon became a symbol of the tragedy. It was used as a way to commemorate this terrible event and sharing in the same way compassion and hopes for the victims families. Later, south koreans started blaming the government and authorities who appeared unprepared and inderectly responsible of the incedent. In a country where medias and government contestations are highly controlled, these yellow ribbons started to get a second meaning.


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