Louvre by night


Paris, the most visited city in the world, is also known as the city of lights. At night, avenues, monuments, fancy buidlings and squares metamorphose and give you the feeling to visit a different place.

One of the most beautiful place to see by night in Paris would be the Louvre museum, which is also the most visited museum in the world. At day time, it can be hard to enjoy the majesty of the place, as thousands of tourists are walking around the amazing glass pyramid. But the old museum will becom very quiet and peaceful at night.

As shown in several movies, the atmosphere is really unique. The old fortress which became a palace and now a museum gives a high contrast to the modern glass pyramids designed by a chinese-american architect, and which remind the old pyramids of Egypt.

Walking in the area, you will be surprised how few tourists are spending their time there, considering that the place is one of the most visited in Paris, it can be very surprising. Some days in the week, you can also enjoy a night visit of the museum (until 9pm most of the time), and visiting the Louvre by night is also very unique. However, if the museum is close, you can still see in the main arcades some part of the museums, with its beautiful and famous white statues or paints.


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