North Korean Traffic Police in PyongYang


After 50 years of slow decadence, North Korea became a country lacking of everything, even of the basic needs for a modern society. If misery and starvation are common in the countryside, PyongYang is a city that the regime refuses to see collapsing, and all the efforts are made to maintain a relative modernity in the capital of the closest country of the world. PyongYang is today seen as the sanctuary where only the most loyals norht korean citizens can have the right to live, and being admitted in such place, is probably considered as the best way to access to a stable life in North Korea.

What could be considered as common in the outside world, is often seen as luxury in North korea. Access to continuous electricity and hot water is possible only in a very few places. Pictures of large avenues in PyongYang empty of cars are worldwide famous… but this is not totally true, and today, a large number of cars can be seen in the city.

The traffic police women in PyongYang became in this way very symbolic. Probably selected on their families, appearance and discipline, the traffic police women dressed in white uniform give directions to drivers in a fast and martial way. Acting surely and proudly without saying a word, these agents are involuntarily symbolizing a country frozen in a strict military discipline.


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