Secret garden of Changdeokgung


The palace of Changdeokgung is surely the most preserved and beautiful palace of Seoul. Its small gardens and korean traditional buildings are well protected from the noisy and well developed modern city.

Yet, behind the main part of the palace visited by thousands of tourists, you can access to another area, known as the secret garden of Changdeokgung. This place was used in old times by kings and officials to take a rest and medidate or exchange about different subjects.

Today, the gardens take different appearance in the 4 seasons. In winter, the dark trees and black roofs of the Hanok (korean traditional houses) will give high contrast to the ice and snow. When spring is coming, trees change their color and flowers of korean plants show their most beautiful aspect. But the most beautiful season to see korean palaces is surely fall, when the colors of the garden move from green to orange, brown, yellow and red, giving a real firework of colors!



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