The Inverted Pyramid

The Inverted Pyramid

The pyramid of the Louvre museum, is one of the most beautiful monuments of Paris, and became a symbol of the city and its most visited museum. By night, the lights change the face of the museum (you can take a look on this picture taken in the evening).

However, there is not only one pyramid, but several. The biggest and most famous one is today the main entrance of the museum. The Louvre museum is famous for the variety of its collections and especially the ancient egypt one. The museum itself was developped by Napoleon Ist, who fought in Egypt after the french revolution and came back to France fascinated by the ancient Egypt. Placing a modern pyramid in the center of the old Louvre is therefore an interesting choice.

However, few tourists know that a second major pyramid exists. Walking around the place, the second pyramid cannot be seen, even if placed few meters away from the main one. The reason is that the pyramid is actually inverted and can be only seen in the underground. In the movie “Da Vinci Code”, Tom Hanks finally walks on the top of the inverted pyramid. This is however not possible today, as the pyramid is in the middle of a roundabout.

The inverted pyramid can be actually really majestic. Walking from the dark undergournd (the “Carroussel du Louvre”), the inverted pyramid is really unexpected and brings daylight in all corridors.


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