Fishing port in Uljin

Fishing port in Uljin

The eastern coast of South Korea is not very famous as touristic spot for foreign tourists. Yet, mountains, hot springs, quiet beaches and seafood markets make the area as a peaceful place to rest out of the busy and modern korean cities.

Uljin is especially famous for its big red crabs, that can be eaten in several ways! The area is composed of several small harbors, where dozens of small boats park while seabirds are flying arroung, looking for fish and pieces of crabs.

Seafood markets are mainly located directly next to the ports, and taking your lunch or dinner there is very popular in the whole country. Coming from shop to shop, you can negotiate your crabs and fishs at the best price. Once selected and purchased, your crabs will be directly brought to your table in a nearby restaurant, where you will eat them from legs to head! Indeed, korean usually eat crabs’ body as well, and will cook it with rice, using directly the carapace as a plate!


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