Heian Jingu, the red gate of Kyoto.


I already shared many pictures of Kyoto on this blog and you can probably see the fascination I have for this city, which is for me one of the very few places in the world full of refinement and harmony. Kyoto deserves its celebrity, and we can be very glad that the second world war and natural disasters didn’t heavy damage the city.

The golden pavillon and its little brother, the silver pavillon, are the most visited temples of the old capital, which counts actually hundreds ones. Except few exceptions, the city doesn’t have very high monuments. While walking between the main points of interest of the city, you will suddenly face the massive red gate of Heian Jingu shrine.

When I spent my first days in Kyoto, I took a bus to reach the northern area of the city. I get of course used to see the traditionnal red gates of Kyoto, but I could say that I feel really surprised and amazed by this so unexpected and massive toori gate.


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