Sunglasses in Tiananmen.

DSC09680Tiananmen square is one of the most controlled area in Beijing. As soon as you get off the subway, you will have to queue in order to be controlled by policemen.  Tiananmen square has always been one of the most symbolic place in China. Today, Mao Tse Toung mansoleum, government buidlings , and of course, the main entrance of the forbidden city are located there. The violent events which occured in Tiananmen square in 1989 can explain why the chinese government pays a special attention to keep the area under control.

Yet, it was an unexpected encounter that I made in this place when I spent my last hours in Beijing. An old chinese, with black sunglasses, a white beard, and old cap, was peacefully smoking a long pipe. In a country that almost already forget his communist heritage and is now moving to another future, this old and silent man seems coming from another world, looking at people walking quickly around without really paying attention to him.


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