Artist in Wat Phra Ram


Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar: these south eastern asian countires hide thousands of amazing ruins, and Ayutthaya is not an exception! Located in the north of Bangkok, the old city is easily accessible from the modern capital, and I was not expecting much from it. The complex of Sukhothai (often presented as the most beautiful one in Thailand) already gave me a deep impression few years ago. Yet, I can say that these few days in Ayutthaya are now among the best I had the chance to spend in Thailand.

The city is historically organized on a island, that can be reached through several bridges. Temples, ancient fortress walls and giant Buddhas are today reminding the visitors of the glorious past of the city that was once among the most powerful ones in Asia.

Walking from temple to temple, you will probably feel loneliness in this quiet but massive decor. This is probably why it can be easy for artists coming from all over the world to find inspiration among the old stones and the ruins.

The young man on the picture decided to sit among the sitting Buddhas while contemplating the old ruins of Wat Phra Ram. Lost in his thoughts, he probably never noticed that someone was taking a picture of him.



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