Taipei 101 from the elephant mountain


The elephant mountain is without a doubt the best place in Taipei to admire the sunset and sunrise over the city. The mountain is located at a walking distance from the highest tower of the city, the worldwide famous Taipei 101, which will enlight at night.

At the end of the afternoon, and especially in summer time, photographs, tourists, couples and friends climb the small stairs to reach the top of the mountain. There, all sit, climb on rocks or prepare their expensive cameras and patietly wait for the moment where the sky will turn orange and change the face of the city. That moment is still today one of the best memory I have from the Formosa island.

Yet, it can be hard to find this spot without clear directions. When getting out Xiangshan station, you should follow the road going from Taipei 101 to a tunnel, and turn right just before the tunnel, and walk along a park (Zhongqiang park) for approximately 500m. Then, you will have to turn left and keep walking until you see statues of elephants on a wall. You will just have to climb the stairs behind and keep walking until the top!



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