The king of masks in Jiufen


Jiufen is a small town located in northen Taiwen, few hours away from Taipei by train and bus. The city is well known by taiwanese for its traditionnal streets, shops and lifestyle. Located in the countryside, not far from the sea and on the top of a mountain, Jiufen seems hiding from the busy life of modern cities of Taiwan.
However, a man recently get a strong notoriety among tourists who travelled there. This old taiwanese owns a two rooms house called “house of ghosts masks” that he filled up with hundred of handmade masks. Each of them has its own expression. Most of them have been made based on his dreams and memories, and represents what could be called ghosts or spirits. Other masks are also representing celebrities, politics or even locals.
The atmosphere inside the house is quite unique, moving from horrible and scary masks to more friendly and funny ones. The “king of the masks” often takes the time to explain the meaning and the history behind some specifics masks. A really interesting experience!


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