Trees of Ayutthaya

DSC07104-2Trees in Thailand can sometimes be considered as more than vegetals. As travelling in the country, you will surely notice necklaces, figurines, offerings or even statues stucked in roots or barks of trees. The reason behind this is that thais beleive that some trees can be the home of spirirts or gods, and can be therefore used as a kind of altar.

In Ayutthaya, the most famous example of such practice is without a doubt the Buddha’s head stucked in a tree’s roots in Wat Mahatat. Yet, a less famous Buddha stucked in a tree can be found in the northern area of the same city: in Wat na phra men.

However, finding such face in trees should not be considered as a coincidence: thais placed these statues theirself, and the fast growing trees quickly surrounded them.



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