North korean Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery


The Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery in PyongYang is very symbolic place located on the top of a mountain in the north-east of PyongYang. Many key figures of the korean independance from the japanese occupation are buried in this cemetery. Most honored ones are the mother and the first wife of Kim Il Sung, who’s still considered as more than a leader in the country.

Each fighter and activist has its own proud bronze bust, standing all together facing the same direction in a very martial way. Behind them, a large red flag made of granit close the cemetery.

The day of my visit, an old general in a wheel chair and escorted by several assistants, came to pay respect to the tomb of Kang Pan-sok, the mother of Kim Il Sung. Our guide told us that he was still famous in the country for his role during the war, and that he will probably be buried in the cemetery when the time will come. However, celebrity can be dangerous in North Korea, and the statut of “national hero” can quickly be replaced by “counter-revolutionary enemy” for obscure reasons.


3 thoughts on “North korean Revolutionary Martyrs’ Cemetery

    • Thank you for your comment! Travelling in North Korea is actually a very unique experience. But we have to understand that what the guides show us is not the real north korea. It s a kind of game, where everybody hides its thoughts,

      • Yeah interesting. As I said on my other comments I’m reading every book I can find about DPRK, also films and so on. It really is fascinating.

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