Cheonchuksa in fall


Bukhansan, which means “north korean mountain”, is actually located in the north of Seoul, and is the biggest and most visited mountain around the city. On sunny weekends, koreans families and seniors love going out for a hike on the small trails of Bukhansan.

In fall, vegetation moves to new colors. Leefs turn red, yellow or orange. The white rocks of Bukhansan give especially high contrasts with the forests. But korean mountains also hide dozens of small and quiet temples that seem deserted. Taking the opportunity of a sunday afternoon, I decided to visit one of them.

Cheonchuksa can be hard to reach, as the small tray leading to this temple is hard to find and follow. The best option is to ask for help at the main access point of the mountain. Yet, it is sad to see that only few tourists know about this place. The temple itself is not really impressive, even if really peaceful.The army of Buddhas welcoming the visitors at the entrance of the temple is however really interesting and enigmatic. Each statue has its own gestures, smiles, positions and personality. This really reminds some of the japanese temples I visited in Kyoto.

At that moment, while the sun was setting, and the shadows of the trees start covering the temple, I really felt cut from the world and out of the time. It was one of my best moment I had in Korea.


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