Red letters in Kim Il Sung square


PyongYang, the city that the north korean regime tries to keep as a symbol of the success of the country, should really be considered apart from other cities. All interests are given to the capital, which is also the place where almost all elites are living and the regime tries to keep away poor and second class citizens from the city, and is also the only one city.

Nevertheless, although PyongYang has its own subway (2 lines), buses, large avenues and high buildings (common villages in North Korea have seldom two storey buildings), the colors that can be found are almost the same than every where else.

North korean cities and infrastructures are always dominated by dark or soft colors. Most of buildings are old, insalubrious and cracked. The regime pays a constant attention to fight individual expressions and in all aspects. As a result, the only bright colors that can be found are mainly coming from vegetation…. or propaganda posters and displays.

This really reinforces the gab between the vision the regime wants to give and the reality. The above picture gives a good idea on how life can be in north korea: individual clothes are harmonized, white shirts and school uniforms, while buildings are dominated by bright red korean characters (Hangul).


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